E-mail FAQ

Incoming Mail Server:
Server POP3 unsecured*:
pop.sitook.com - port 110
Server IMAP unsecured*: imap.sitook.com - port 143
Server POP3 with STARTTLS: pop.sitook.com - port 110
Server POP3 with SSL/TLS: pop.sitook.com - port 995
Server IMAP with STARTTLS: imap.sitook.com - port 143
Server IMAP with SSL/TLS**: imap.sitook.com - port 993

Outgoing Mail Server:
Server SMTP with authentication unsecured*: mx.sitook.com - porta 26
Server SMTP with autenticazione and STARTTLS**: mx.sitook.com - port 26

*We discourage the use of non-cryptographed connections to face phenomenons like man in the middle and identity theft
** Suggested communication method
To add Outlook certificate from Internet Explorer
Click here and select "install certificate" and follow the wizard.
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