Our web servers execute PHP5 with following modules enabled:

ffmpeg - filter - ftp - gd - geoip - gettext
hash - iconv
imap - imapscript - json - libxml
- mcrypt - mime_magic - ming
- mysqli - ncurses - openssl - pcnt
pcre - pdo - pdo_mysql - Posix - Reflection
session - shmop - SimpleXML - soap
sockets - SPL - standard - suhousin - sysvmsg
tokenizer - wddx - xml - xmlreader - zip - zlib

This list can be subject to changes targeting according to the improvement of resources use and security issues; you can even ask us to install new modules, we will process your request and decide if it is honourable.

Files upload can be done via FTP using the following parameters
FTP Host: ftp.sitook.com
FTP Port: 21
FTP username: domain (where not specified)
FTP password: given at activation time

Everything is done with security on mind
During phases of installing a web application or developing a new web application we keep your security in our mind.
Even if the majority of users will visit your site, there is a slice of internet users interested in gaining resources, paid by someone, secreted to someone, of interest for someone else.
There exist some techniques as the SQL Injection and Remote File Inclusion that can make of your site a jumping point for outlaws activities, turning yourself into a passive character of such activities, waiting for responsibilities to assign.
We use to keep track of web application vulnerabilities, and we develop with your security in our mind.

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