Dedicated Server onetime offer in your life!

Yes, we got crazy, but you are more than us if you don't get this offer NOW!

A good server lets your business, your applications and your hobby fly.

To improve our portfolio we decided to make an underprice.

We are offering:

CPU: Pentium 4 2,8 GHz
Disk: 2x80GB
as low as 39,50 EUR/month + Startup 49,50 EUR

CPU: Core 2 Duo 2x1,8GHz
Disk: 2x320GB
as low as 49,50 EUR/month + Startup 79,50 EUR

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During this period and ONLY during this period, we are offering a 7days FREE trial so you can test your next dedicated server.
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Servers Details
Location: Germany
Electrical Continuity: Batteries and Diesel Engines
Environmental Features: Air Conditioner - Fire Protection
Peering thru:
Arcor, Freenet, Lambdanet, Cogent, MCI and Telefonica
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