System Administrators

Looking for an expert Linux System Administrator or Unix System Administrator?
Looking for a Server Administrator to tune up your Apache Server?
Looking for a technician to tune your MySQL or PostgreSQL server?
Looking for a C/C++ developer?
Looking for a PHP developer?

Contact us now! We can provide you the support you need to administrate your system and face managed server needings.
We can provide technicians for your C, C++ and PHP needings.
We can support your Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Microsoft Windows Systems.

We cover whole the Unix System in general and specifically:
    • Dedicated Linux Debian Servers
    • Dedicated Linux Slackware Servers
    • Dedicated FreeBSD Servers
    • Dedicated OpenBSD Servers
    • Dedicated NetBSD Servers
    • Virtual Linux Debian Servers (VMware or XEN)
    • Virtual Linux Slackware Servers (VMware or XEN)
    • Virtuali FreeBSD Servers (VMware/QEmu,  XEN, Jail)
    • Virtual OpenBSD Servers (VMware/QEmu, Sandbox)
    • Virtual NetBSD Servers (VMware/QEmu, XEN)
    • Configuration and Tuning for Apache (StartServers, MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers, MaxClients, ServerLimit)
    • Tuning Linux Servers
    • Tuning FreeBSD Servers
    • Tuning OpenBSD Servers
    • Tuning NetBSD Servers
    • Tuning Unix Servers
    • Tuning POSIX-compliant Servers
    • Configuration and Tuning for MySQL
    • Configuration and Tuning for PostgreSQL
We have a huge experience about following applications and services:
  • OpenSSH
  • FTP
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • rsync
  • QMail
  • SMTP
  • IMAP
  • CVS
  • Samba
  • DHCP
  • XEN
We can get you out of troubles in the most complicated situations, we can configure systems for heavy requirements projects.
We can even support your systems out our network.

Do you need to face an emergency or a disaster recovery with help of our expert technicians or just need a simple consultation?

Phone now
(+39) 02.4004.43.45
(+44) 193.933.0001

Per emergencies
(+39) 339 766 17 22

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