We are specialist in the providing VoIP services to small, medium and big companies.

VoIP services

We can offer many services in the range of big and professional PaBX, without requiring the phisical installation of big equipment.
Being more specific we can provide:
- Automatic Answering Machines with recorded or synthetized voice, even mixed with music
- Interactive Voice Response
- Interactive VoiceMail with audio-email support
- More calls in one time for landline/mobile/VoIP
- DISA (use your PaBX from outside)
- Remote access to VoiceMail
- Alarm to Internal exten.
- Alarm to Outside number

We can also drive users to:
- Move landline number to VoIP technology
- Open Toll Free Green number

In case you don't have any VoIP phone and you want to use your own phones, we can provide converter devices that will adapt your equipment to VoIP.

Devices are always provided fully configurated.

VoIP point<->point via Internet
We can interlink your business points so that all extentions from one point of presence can communicate with all extentions from other points of presence as it was all a big PaBX network.

VoIP point<->point via Wireless
In case of business points in sight we can setup a directional Wireless; this is useful in case of business points without Internet connectivity. We can link up your points in sight as long as there is less than 1 Km between points.

VoIP point<->mobile device
We can interlink your mobile phone as they are quite modern, Symbian-based, Windows Mobile based or Android based. This makes you turn to zero the costs of call between your mobile roaming phones and your business point.

Where phone cable is missing
As long as you have an Internet connection we can bring you a VoIP phone line, even without requiring that your PaBX is VoIP compliant!
We can turn a data-only line into a data+phone line to allow you to link up whole your business or home phone system to the provided line.
This kind of solutions makes possible to turn a hotel room double couple wire to an ethernet+phoneline plug.
Got less than one single couple wire? No fear, we can turn eletric outlets into ethernet+phoneline plugs, once more this can be good for hotel rooms.

We operate in fields in which we can operate with our experience and ceritifates, we even use to share with our partners slices of our jobs.
Equipments we sell always bring the CE mark.
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